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Building Resilient IT Infrastructure Operations for Over 20 Years.

MillenniumIT ESP focuses on helping accelerate growth by delivering efficiency, ease and enhanced performance at every step and scale. Managing IT infrastructure overheads, especially during uncertain times, is a primary objective of any CXO, we understand this. We have a highly specialized and skilled team ready to manage your IT operations. This includes remotely monitoring and managing IT infrastructure, fixing identified vulnerabilities, carrying out systems hardening checklists as well as auditing and securing perimeter network devices. In addition to this, our team is capable of remote patch management, reviewing your BCP/DR plans and assisting in performing periodic BCP/DR drills.

Enjoy seamless technological transformations as we help you achieve unparalleled optimization and efficiency.

Key global enterprise clients trust us to manage end to end IT operations and prepare them for a digitally empowered future.

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Why Us

Our team has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the Managed Services domain and we have a team of dedicated multi-skilled engineers. Our state of the art Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center facilities ensure that our clients receive uninterrupted services as we manage the entire lifecycle of your business service operations.

How we can help build resilient IT Infrastructure Operations:

Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Our team takes proactive measures to detect and prevent potential failures using around the clock monitoring and analysis. This allows us to identify and correct any errors before your business is critically impacted.

Evaluating and Assisting with Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Plans

Our team can review existing BCP and DR plans and assist your business in improving these plans with maximum efficiency. We are also capable of assisting businesses in performing periodical testing of their BCP and DR Plans.

Securing IT Infrastructures through a Series of Assessments

Our team conducts existing vulnerability assessments and prioritizes, remediates and verify applied fixes. We also audit systems, perimeter level network devices and their configuration for known security flaws and harden them.

Remote Patch Management

Our remote patch management services assist in proactively identifying OS and application level vulnerabilities and providing alerts on same, and auditing systems for patch level security threats. We also assist with automating patch deployment process.

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