Near-field Communication Solutions

Near-Field Communications Solutions

Simplifying today, enhancing tomorrow

Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology allows two electronic devices, of which one or both may be portable devices, to establish communications between each other by bringing them within 4cm (1.5 inches) of each other. Applications for this technology are wide and varied including contactless payments and identification.

MillenniumIT ESP’s NFC Research & Technology Division has established itself as a center of excellence in South Asia for NFC technology and has pioneered the adoption of this technology in the region.

Our core product, Millennium T-Gate™, can be used across a wide variety of applications, allowing for businesses to track information, collaborate and even market products.

Potential applications for NFC technology include:

  • Multi-function employee ID/access/voucher cards linked to GPS, databases, etc.
  • Loyalty, gift and warranty cards, mobile-based coupons and location-specific advertising for the retail and marketing sector.
  • Frequent-flyer and executive club cards, mobile-based boarding passes and baggage tracking and NFC-based access control systems for the airline industry.
  • Personal diagnosis cards linked to centralized patient databases for the healthcare industry.
  • GPS-enabled employee and fleet tracking and skills-based production-line management solutions for primary producers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.
  • Helping companies manage fleet fuel use through employee quotas, smart cards, etc.
  • Travel cards, e-tickets and mobile-based season tickets for the transport industry.

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