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Enhance your guests’ pleasure and convenience with smart products and services from Millennium I.T.E.S.P.. Instant room access, better security, more information and entertainment – these are just some of the advantages your guests can now enjoy through the power of information technology from Millennium I.T.E.S.P..

  • Digital room keys: your guests won’t have to visit the front desk ever time they go to their rooms.
  • Information screens: digital screens for lobbies and public areas can display promotions, travel information, local events and attractions, page guests, etc.
  • IPTV:in-room digital entertainment (TV shows, movies etc)  customised for your guests’ pleasure.
  • IP phone: your guests’ all-in-one communicator.
  • Private wireless network:your guests (and you) have high-speed internet access anywhere on your premises, any time
  • Digital monitors: enhanced security and 24/7 monitoring with IP-connected security cameras.

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