Near-field Communications Solutions

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Near-field communications (NFC) technology allows people to perform tasks using one or more handheld devices. The NFC Research & Technology Division at Millennium I.T.E.S.P. is bringing this exciting new technology to partners and customers, pioneering NFC adoption in core business sectors, devising effective solutions and striving to be a centre of excellence for NFC in South Asia.

Our core product, Millennium T-Gate™, is a trustworthy transaction manager that mediates communicationsbetween disparate NFC-enabled terminals and enterprise-software applications. This vendor/merchant-independent platform lets businesses collaborate and even market products and services each others’ customers using a single smart card or a mobile device.

Potential applications include:

  • Multi-function employee ID/access/voucher cardslinked to GPS, databases, etc.
  • Loyalty, gift and warranty cards,mobile-based coupons and location-specific advertising for the retail and marketing sector.
  • Frequent-flyer and executive club cards, mobile-based boarding passes and baggage tracking, and NFC-based access control systems for the airline industry.
  • Personal diagnosis cards linked to centralized patient databasesfor the healthcare industry.
  • GPS-enabled employee and fleet tracking and skills-based production-line management solutions for primary producers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.
  • Helping companies manage fleet fuel use through employee quotas, smart cards, etc.
  • Travel cards,e-tickets and mobile-based season tickets for the transport industry.

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