Information Security Solutions

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Security is like insulin – too little of it and you’re vulnerable, too much and you’re paralyzed.True security comes through rationalized decisions and trade-offs; achieving it, needs a well thought out approach to carefully assess risks, clearly understand our key assets, the business context and culture.

We help organizations achieve the right balance with security solutions that integrate people, processes and technology to cover the entire lifecycle of policy, planning, implementation and optimization.

We offer our security services together with turn-key solutions, in partnership with the world leading security technology providers, to bring you:

  • Data Security Solutions - to protect your critical data from sabotage and theft.
  • Network Security Solutions - to protect your organization from the connected world, be it Internet, Intranet or Extranets.
  • Application Security Solutions - to protect your web presence, e-commerce applications and your mission critical databases from both internal and external threats.
  • Mobile Security Solutions- to leverage on the advantages of mobility with safety.
  • Cloud Security Solutions - to protect your sensitive information while at rest orduring transit.
  • Security Management and Monitoring solutions - to keep your organization at bay, proactively.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions - to address your voluntary or mandatory regulatory requirements.

With Millennium I.T.E.S.P., you can be rest assured that you never have to compromise your productivity or flexibility to achieve security; and the security of your organization will never have to be compromised to achieve your business goals.


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